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Why Yogyakarta to visit

There are some specific reasons why Yogyakarta to visit and becoming a part of your holiday destinations in Indonesia. Yogyakarta is a developing city in Central Java area, but it is a different administrative area with Central Java itself. Yogyakarta is a special province in Indonesia which has historical background to support the struggling to fight colonialism by Dutch and Japanese until Indonesia got its independence in 17 August 1945, and Yogyakarta is the first one who declared to be part of Indonesia. Beside that, Yogyakarta used to be the capital city of Indonesia in 1947 for the unstable situation after the independence. There is a state house where the fist President and vice (Mr Sukarno & Mr Hatta) did the government’s activities.

Yogyakarta has remarkable sites of cultural and nature. Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple are the most visited sites for cultural and archaeological tours. Merapi volcano, Menoreh hills, jomblang cave, Pindul cave, white sanded beaches, rivers for rafting and many other great sites that we can do during the holiday. Also, many companies do the gathering tour , team building and meeting in Yogyakarta as the combination of company’s formal activities and leisure.

JogloTours is the company who provides: private tours and activities for couples, single travelers, small group, family and company tours and gathering with a various great activities. Staying at our hotels and resorts partners will make your holiday more comfortable with JogloTours company.
1. Consulting
JogloTours and team is ready to give you best offers and itinerary. JogloTours team will ask you when the plan will do, how many people or participants will be, and we give you at least two best itinerary options.
2. Budgeting
Soon as JogloTours give you the best offers, we put the budget as well with the details.
3. Deal and agreement
Soon as we make a deal, JogloTours will release a confirmation letter with a signed form and details of driver’s and tour guide’s names, which hotel’s stay and the detail itinerary day by day. You will hold the confirmation letter and Tour Order to show our driver or tour guide.
Thank you very much and enjoy your days in Yogyakarta.

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4 Days Excited Jogja Tour

JogloTours offers 4 days excited Jogja tour package which will lead you to all activities and experiences during your stay at Jogja. JogloTours keeps the value to be always appreciate your limited time in Jogja. JogloTours will make sure each days effective and worth in every single activities, to have cultural experiences, Fun and adventures in a various activities. Here is the itinerary in Jogja 4 days tours and activities day by day:
Day01: 07.30 Arrival at Yogyakarta International Airport and drive to your hotel stay to put baggage and belongings, then we drive to: Archaeological museum – a museum where to store ancient’s sculptures and artifacts which were found in Jogja area and central Java area as a proof of the glory era in the past time, Royal Horse cart Museum, Sultan’s Palace, T.sari, Lunch & visiting Batik&Silver craft factory.
Day02: After having breakfast at Hotel, we will drive to Borobudur temple, visit and exploring the majestic Buddhist temple to reveal the stories and histories. Aftrewards, we will visit other two important Buddhist temples: Mendut and Pawon temples, coffee home industry & take a horse cart exploring the villages around Borobudur area. having lunch, see the stone carving and drive back to your hotel stay.
Day03:  After having breakfast at your hotel stay, we drive to Merapi volcano, take an off road Jeep exploring the foot of the volcano, visit volcano museum, having lunch at nice local restaurant, visit: Plaosan temple, the green temple till sunset time. then, drive back to the hotel. Take a free evening enjoy the property.
Day04: Having breakfast, packing and drive to the airport (please advice the flight details)
Price: –
Inclusions: 3x Lunch, private tour, local tour guide service(at Prambanan&Borobudur temples), English speaking driver, daily cold mineral waters on tour, Govt tax. Exclude: Hotel accommodation, Personal expenses(dinner etc), Tipping.

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Merapi Offroad Tour

merapi offroad tour, merapi offroad, merapi tour

Babadan Observation Office

Merapi volcano can be explored from the west side, where the lava flew from the crater. This Merapi Offroad Tour will give you another experience. Let’s get an experience by driving 4×4 WD Jeep (capacity 3 persons) from the west side of the volcano and finish at the closest point from the crater (4 km away from the peak) – Babadan volcano observation office. We will take you in the observation office to know how the ‘guardian of Merapi volcano’ watch the activities in 24 hours supported by some tools like: seismograph, seismometer etc.
Merapi volcano at glance
Merapi volcano has Typical eruptions; small eruptions occur every two to three years, an

merapi offroad tour

at Jurang Jero Lava River

d larger ones every 10–15 years or so. Notable eruptions, often causing many deaths, have occurred in 1006, 1786, 1822, 1872, and 1930. Thirteen villages were destroyed in Yogyakarta province and Central Java province in the later one, and 1400 people killed by pyroclastic flows.

The very large eruption in 1006 is claimed to have covered all of central Java with ash. The volcanic devastation is claimed to have led to the collapse of the Hindu and Buddhist Kingdoms which many temples rediscovered under the earth; however, the evidence from that era is insufficient for this to be substantiated. Let’s discuss for your best holiday activities in Yogyakarta only with JogloTours.

Yogyakarta 5 Days Tour

Yogyakarta 5 days tour package is the most complete tour package for you whom really like to spend your holiday in Yogyakarta. JogloTours will make your holiday moment in Yogyakarta, really enjoyable in cultural experiences and adventurous activities.
Day 1 – Arrival, visit Prambanan temple, sunset at the green temple, drive to hotel check in

Day 2 – Jogjakarta (hotel) – Borobudur sunrise – home industries, Pawon & Mendut temples – Merapi Off-Road – Ullen Sentalu Museum (B-L-D)
Distances & journey time:
Jogjakarta – Borobudur (42 km): 1 hour 30 minutes
Borobudur – Merapi volcano (35 km): 1 hour

Pick up at your hotel in the morning. We will drive you to Setumbu hill to see the Borobudur sunrise, feel the mist and see the exotic Merapi volcano from the distance. Spending an hour at the temple to gain the historical value of the 8th century Budhis temple. After enjoying the breakfast and morning coffee/tea, we continue our trip to explore the villages around the temple on a bike, making pottery and join some locals to plant rice seeds.
Our next spot is Lava tour Merapi, take an off-road track on the slope of Merapi volcano, visit the Memory museum and nearest village which damaged because of the 2010 eruption.
* The Borobudur sunrise also can be seen from the main temple with additional charge : USD 31/person

Day 3 – Jomblang Cave – Kalisuci River tubing (L-D)
Distances and journey time:
Jogjakarta – Jomblang (52 km): 1 hour 30 minutes
Jomblang – Kalisuci (5,1 km): 20 minutes

Pick up at hotel (7 am) the Jomblang Cave will be our first spot to visit in the morning. A vertical cave with dense ancient forest below and 300 meter alley with its beautiful natural ornament will bring you to the edge of Gua Grubug (Grubug Cave).
After your lunch, Cave and River Tubing at Kalisuci will be our next menu, enjoy the beautiful environment on a tube along Oya river. On the way back, we will take you to the best spot for dinner while you can also enjoy the beautiful landscape of Yogyakarta in the evening.

Day 4 – Snorekeling beach & Timang Beach (L-D)
Distances and journey time:
Jogjakarta – Timang (60,4 km) : 2 hours

Day 5 – Transfer out
After your breakfast, our trip to will continue to the beach for snorkeling & Timang beach where you can test your adrenaline in crossing the sea over a gondola to a small rocky island where the locals usually put some lobster traps.
After your lunch, Enjoy your local menu for your dinner, back to your hotel and the tour is over.

The price includes:
-Meals based on the itinerary ( 3 days )
-English Speaking tour Guide at Borobudur & Prambanan temples
-Mineral water & coll face towels during the tour
-Private car + Driver + Gasoline
-Off-road vehicle at Merapi
-Ticket for Gondola at Timang beach
-Entrance fee to all site based on itinerary
-Shuttle airport

The price excludes:
-Airport tax
-Additional tour
-Tipping guide and driver
-Personal expenses such as laundry, mini bar etc.
-Surcharges applied during Peak season / High season & Holidays

Tour only: 220 USD/pax – Minimum 2 Pax
Additional accommodation:
Homestay- 100 USD/4 nites / room – daily breakfast
Hotel ** – 157.5 USD/4 nites / room – daily breakfast
Hotel *** – 210 USD/4 nites / room – daily breakfast

Borobudur temple

It is generally agreed that Borobudur temple was constructed some time between late 8th and early 9th century. No documents or inscriptions relating specifically to Borobudur temple have yet been found. While its exact purpose is not known, it is understood to be a Monument of instruction in Mahayana Buddhism. It is now becomes the most visited tourist object in Indonesia.

Borobudur temple is not temple, but a monument or “Stupa’. It is not a closed structure; it has no inner cellar or chamber. It is a stone encasement on a hill. Like a nine-tired mountain it is 34.5 meters high, it has a total of 1,500 magnificently carved panels and 500 statues of Buddha.

The ground plan of Borobudur temple is often compared to a Mandala, meaning a circle in Sanskrit. It is a cosmic diagram of the world and describes both the material and non-material realities. It can be used as an object of meditation, which with practice can bring the initiate to higher levels of consciousness.

Stylistically Borobudur temple belongs to the Classic Central Javanese period. Basically the Indian artistic tradition is adhered too, although there are definite Javanese elements. The construction was Javanese, built according to the Mahayana Buddhist doctrine.

Two important dynasties ruled in Java during the 8th to 10th centuries:
The Buddhist Sailendra’s who are associated with Borobudur temple, and the Hindu Sanjaya. They lived in relatively peaceful co-existence.

With the shift of political power from Central to East Java in 10th century, Borobudur temple gradually fell into decline, was abandoned and further destroyed by earthquakes. Stamford Raffles, who later founded Singapore in 1814, rediscovered it.

The Dutch undertook the first major restoration at the beginning of 1900, followed by UNESCO’s largest restoration project, which commenced in 1973 and took 10 years to complete. All the square terraces were dismantled, involving the removal of 1 million pieces of stone.

Mahayana Buddhism: Often called the “Greater Vehicle” or Mysterious
Buddhism began around A.D, 600, as opposed to the earlier Hinayana tradition. Although these two doctrines are theoretically different, in practice they were combined.

“Stupa”. The term, originating in pre-Buddhist India, refers to a burial tumulus or hemispheric half-dome mound. After Buddha’s cremation his ashes were distributed in eight different stupas in various locations, they became the supreme symbol of Buddhism. Borobudur temple in its entirety is a “Stupa”, and contains many smaller stupas.

“Candi”, is a pre-Islamic Indonesian term used to describe the abodes of the Gods, or a monument for a deceased king. Borobudur not incorrectly, is sometimes refereed to as a “Candi”.

“Caitya” can also refer to a “Stupa”. While in Sri Lanka term “Dagoh” is preferred.

Jogja city and cultural tour

JogloTours  has one best Day Tour program called Jogja City and Cultural Tour will take you around the city visiting historical sites, art galleries and workshops, art painting galleries, craft local factories and some museums. Jogja or Yogyakarta is the barometer of Indonesian’s artists where famous artists were born and give lot contributions to Indonesian’s art (classic and contemporary). There are many art galleries (paintings, statue, old and antiques)in Yogyakarta which many collectors and art’s hunters look for. JogloTours tries to fill your day visiting one object to another combined with archaeological visits.
08.00 – Leaving from you hotel stay in Yogyakarta, to visit Sono budoyo archaeological museum where some important ancient’s collections are stored and detail information about the history of Indonesia concerning about rediscovery of ancient’s sculputures etc.
08.45-10.00 – visit the Royal Horse cart Museum and Sultan’s palace.
10.30-11.30 – visit and explore Tamansari the water castle.
11.45-13.00 – Batik factory & silver craft factory
13.00-14.00 – Lunch
15.00 – visit Plaosan temple, a beautiful Buddhist temple from the Hindu King ‘ Rakai Pikatan’ given as a marriage to a princess of the Buddhist family ‘Pramodyawardhani’ who built Borobudur temple. The king who built Prambanan temple.
16.00-17.30 – visit the green temple, as well enjoy the beautiful sunset.

5 Days Jogja Tour Package

JogloTour provides one best tour packages; 5 Days Jogja Tour Package; which will take you and family to have memorable, enjoyable and affordable tour package on your holiday in Jogja.
Day 01 – Arrival

Day 02
03.30- Leaving from hotel in Yogyakarta and drive to Borobudur temple. Take a Borobudur temple sunrise tour, Pawon and Mendut temple tour, coffee home industry, traditional house – Merapi volcano by Jeep – Lunch at jejamuran / other local restaurant- before evening back to hotel

Day 03
09.00-11.00 After having breakfast at hotel we will explore Yogyakarta city, visiting Batik workshop at winotosastro / Plenthong
11.00-13.00 Sultan’s palace, leather shadow puppet home industry, tamansari
13.45-14.45 Lunch at Kali opak resto
15.00- Prambanan temple tour & visit other temple nearby
18.00- Dinner in city – back to hotel

Day 04 – Free Day
09.30 am Take a three cycle / a horse cart tour to an archaeological museum, the grand mosque and the market – Lunch at sekar kedhaton restaurant
18.00- Dinner in city – back to hotel

Day 05 05.15 am Depart to the airport to catch flight 07:25 to Singapore

Price: Let’s discuss 
Inclusions: Private comfortable car, English speaking driver, cool towels & cold mineral waters during the trips, parking, a horse cart / three cycle, Government tax.
Exclude: Entrance fee, hotel accommodation, Lunch&Dinner, Jeep ride on the volcano, tipping

Jogja Exciting Tour

Welcome to Jogja city! JogloTours will be your reliable companion during your holiday in Yogyakarta. Jogja exciting tour is one of the day tour which will excite you exploring the cave, river and enjoying the beach. Here is the itinerary below and let’s discuss your holiday plan with JogloTours:
08.00 – Leaving for Pindul cave from your hotel stay in Yogyakarta
09.30 – on the site, preparing amenities and get the explanation
09.00-10.00 -exploring the Pindul cave escorted by a local tour guide
10.00-12.00 – exploring the river
12.15-12.45 – take a shower, change your clothes
13.00-14.00 – having a lunch at local restaurant
15.00-17.00 – enjoy the beach, till sunset
19.30 – arrive at your hotel stay in Yogyakarta