Jogja city and cultural tour

JogloTours  has one best Day Tour program called Jogja City and Cultural Tour will take you around the city visiting historical sites, art galleries and workshops, art painting galleries, craft local factories and some museums. Jogja or Yogyakarta is the barometer of Indonesian’s artists where famous artists were born and give lot contributions to Indonesian’s art (classic and contemporary). There are many art galleries (paintings, statue, old and antiques)in Yogyakarta which many collectors and art’s hunters look for. JogloTours tries to fill your day visiting one object to another combined with archaeological visits.
08.00 – Leaving from you hotel stay in Yogyakarta, to visit Sono budoyo archaeological museum where some important ancient’s collections are stored and detail information about the history of Indonesia concerning about rediscovery of ancient’s sculputures etc.
08.45-10.00 – visit the Royal Horse cart Museum and Sultan’s palace.
10.30-11.30 – visit and explore Tamansari the water castle.
11.45-13.00 – Batik factory & silver craft factory
13.00-14.00 – Lunch
15.00 – visit Plaosan temple, a beautiful Buddhist temple from the Hindu King ‘ Rakai Pikatan’ given as a marriage to a princess of the Buddhist family ‘Pramodyawardhani’ who built Borobudur temple. The king who built Prambanan temple.
16.00-17.30 – visit the green temple, as well enjoy the beautiful sunset.