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Merapi Offroad Tour

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Babadan Observation Office

Merapi volcano can be explored from the west side, where the lava flew from the crater. This Merapi Offroad Tour will give you another experience. Let’s get an experience by driving 4×4 WD Jeep (capacity 3 persons) from the west side of the volcano and finish at the closest point from the crater (4 km away from the peak) – Babadan volcano observation office. We will take you in the observation office to know how the ‘guardian of Merapi volcano’ watch the activities in 24 hours supported by some tools like: seismograph, seismometer etc.
Merapi volcano at glance
Merapi volcano has Typical eruptions; small eruptions occur every two to three years, an

merapi offroad tour

at Jurang Jero Lava River

d larger ones every 10–15 years or so. Notable eruptions, often causing many deaths, have occurred in 1006, 1786, 1822, 1872, and 1930. Thirteen villages were destroyed in Yogyakarta province and Central Java province in the later one, and 1400 people killed by pyroclastic flows.

The very large eruption in 1006 is claimed to have covered all of central Java with ash. The volcanic devastation is claimed to have led to the collapse of the Hindu and Buddhist Kingdoms which many temples rediscovered under the earth; however, the evidence from that era is insufficient for this to be substantiated. Let’s discuss for your best holiday activities in Yogyakarta only with JogloTours.