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Why Yogyakarta to visit

There are some specific reasons why Yogyakarta to visit and becoming a part of your holiday destinations in Indonesia. Yogyakarta is a developing city in Central Java area, but it is a different administrative area with Central Java itself. Yogyakarta is a special province in Indonesia which has historical background to support the struggling to fight colonialism by Dutch and Japanese until Indonesia got its independence in 17 August 1945, and Yogyakarta is the first one who declared to be part of Indonesia. Beside that, Yogyakarta used to be the capital city of Indonesia in 1947 for the unstable situation after the independence. There is a state house where the fist President and vice (Mr Sukarno & Mr Hatta) did the government’s activities.

Yogyakarta has remarkable sites of cultural and nature. Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple are the most visited sites for cultural and archaeological tours. Merapi volcano, Menoreh hills, jomblang cave, Pindul cave, white sanded beaches, rivers for rafting and many other great sites that we can do during the holiday. Also, many companies do the gathering tour , team building and meeting in Yogyakarta as the combination of company’s formal activities and leisure.

JogloTours is the company who provides: private tours and activities for couples, single travelers, small group, family and company tours and gathering with a various great activities. Staying at our hotels and resorts partners will make your holiday more comfortable with JogloTours company.
1. Consulting
JogloTours and team is ready to give you best offers and itinerary. JogloTours team will ask you when the plan will do, how many people or participants will be, and we give you at least two best itinerary options.
2. Budgeting
Soon as JogloTours give you the best offers, we put the budget as well with the details.
3. Deal and agreement
Soon as we make a deal, JogloTours will release a confirmation letter with a signed form and details of driver’s and tour guide’s names, which hotel’s stay and the detail itinerary day by day. You will hold the confirmation letter and Tour Order to show our driver or tour guide.
Thank you very much and enjoy your days in Yogyakarta.